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Coco Geotextiles

Coconets, sometimes called Geo-textile or Erosion Control Nets, are made from coco twines that are either made by hand or by the use of a twining machine. Coir Geo-textiles have the right strength and durability to protect the slopes from erosion. Coir promotes new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing top soil from drying out. Absorbs solar radiation just like natural soil, and unlike Geo-synthetic materials, it provides good soil support for up to three years, allowing natural vegetation to become established. 100% Natural Material with High Tensile Strength and water absorbency.

Coir Geo-textiles are widely used for civil engineering applications and slope stabilization applications. Coir Geo-textiles have the mechanical strength necessary to hold soil in place d prevent erosion. Not only is Coconut Matting popular in Bio and Civil Engineering but it’s now proven to be an environmental asset in the Mining and Mineral Exploration Industry.

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